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More than 30 million hits overs the last 15 years … it was time for the Pasteur Galaxy to be entirely revamped !

Here you are. Welcome to the new website of the Pasteur Families Association !

With a new presentation that adapts automatically to all devices and screens (desktop or laptop, tablet devices and smartphones) and a new categorisation of articles and pages by categories and tags, the Pasteur Galaxy will continue to showcase all the historical and genealogical information on the Pasteurs.

And best of all, the 700 pages of the Pasteur families’ bible, the monumental work of Martine Bellague and Jean-Marie Gallois (Généalogie des familles Pasteur) published (in French) in 2009 and updated in 2011, is now accessible on the website for free!

A page dedicated to the Pasteur diaspora contains all the information on the Pasteurs by country (articles, special features, publications, etc.).

The Pasteur genealogical database (3852 individuals, 4.5 million consultations since 2005) was transferred to the Geneanet platform, giving it a larger and better visibility and readability.

If you feel lost in this avalanche of information, go to the site map where you will find what you need among the 165 pages and 148 published articles.

Last but not lease, the Pasteur Galaxy is also available on Facebook and Google+

Happy reading and feel free to contact us and if you wish to join the Pasteur Families Association, let us know.

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Launched in 1998, the Pasteur Galaxy website had been running under PHP-Nuke since 2001, in a version that is now obsolete. Yielding to the friendly pressure of its web host Infomaniak, the website has been completely overhauled and is now powered by WordPress.

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Update of the Genealogy of the Pasteur and Roqui Families

Since 1999 (when the first edition of the book “Genealogy of the Pasteur Families” was published), Martine Bellague and Jean-Marie Gallois have never stopped their research to discover links between the Pasteur families and to find a “logic” in this wealth of data. Their conclusion is as follows: Continue reading “Update of the Genealogy of the Pasteur and Roqui Families”

Death of Louis Pasteur – The Times

PARIS, Sept.  29. 1895

M. Pasteur died yesterday at Garches, near St. Cloud.

The end of the century seems to be bereaving France of all her great men. Thiers, Victor Hugo, Claude Bernard, Renan, and Taine have gone, and the lot now falls on Pasteur.

Continue reading “Death of Louis Pasteur – The Times”

The daugther of the Sieur Pasteur

East of Nova Scotia and the adjoining island of Cape Breton, the French had planted a colony, some years before, in the bay of Placentia, on the southern coast of Newfoundland. The Sieur Parat, governor of Placentia, reports to Louis XIV, in 1686, that in consequence of the measures he has taken, there remains but a solitary Huguenot family in the place. Continue reading “The daugther of the Sieur Pasteur”

Death of Henry Édouard Pasteur (1924 – 2005)

Henry Édouard Pasteur, a founder member and former chairman of the Association of Pasteur families, died on 28 September 2005 in Paris, France. He was 81. Continue reading “Death of Henry Édouard Pasteur (1924 – 2005)”

Death of David Pasteur (1931-2004)

David Pasteur, a member of the Association of Pasteur families, just passed away in Birmingham, UK. He was 73. He is survived by his wife, Ingrid, his four daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine and Veronica, and his son, Christopher.
Continue reading “Death of David Pasteur (1931-2004)”

Fourth General Meeting of the Association of Pasteur families

The fourth General Meeting of the Association of Pasteur families will take place on 20 June 2004 at 3:00 PM in Poligny, in the Jura department, France. Continue reading “Fourth General Meeting of the Association of Pasteur families”