Update of the Genealogy of the Pasteur and Roqui Families

Since 1999 (when the first edition of the book “Genealogy of the Pasteur Families” was published), Martine Bellague and Jean-Marie Gallois have never stopped their research to discover links between the Pasteur families and to find a “logic” in this wealth of data. Their conclusion is as follows:

Until proven otherwise, there is no known link between:

  1. The “Pasteurs of Switzerland” (cantons of Vaud and Geneva)
  2. The “Pasteurs of Mouthe” (canton of the department of Doubs, near Switzerland)
  3. The “Pasteurs of Châteauvieux” (canton of Ornans, in the department of Doubs)

Moreover, more research should be done on the “Pasteurs” of Britany, those of Savoy, those of the Netherlands, those of England, those of Italy, those of the United States, those of Canada, etc.

The entire online version of the Genealogy of the Pasteur Families was updated in 2011 by their respective authors.

At the same time, the Genealogy of the Roqui, the maternal branch of Louis Pasteur, first published in June 2003, has also been updated.

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