Jan David Pasteur, Dutch watercolorist

Jan Pasteur was born in 1935 on the exotic island of Sumatra in the former Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. As a child, he took to drawing easily, and when in 1946, aged 11, he came to the Netherlands, he took up oil painting. However, as the years went by, the young man discovered other matters of more immediate interest (family, work, etc.) and the paint box remained closed until a period of inspiration in 1963 and an exhibition in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, in the West Indies, where he was working in trade and industry. Continue reading “Jan David Pasteur, Dutch watercolorist”

The Dutch branch of the Pasteurs

The 74 descendants of Jean David Louys Pasteur have been added to the Pasteurs’ Genealogical data base. The Dutch branch of the Pasteurs began with Jean David Louys Pasteur, born in 1712 in Lausanne, who settled in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1728, with his brother Daniel Antoine. Continue reading “The Dutch branch of the Pasteurs”

Jan David Pasteur (1753-1804), Dutch naturalist

Jan David Pasteur, born 23 May 1753 in Leyden, died 9 January 1804, held important positions of state after the revolution of 1795. This did not stop him from becoming one of the country’s most prolific writers. He also translated more than 80 works, Cook’s travels, among them. Continue reading “Jan David Pasteur (1753-1804), Dutch naturalist”

Jakob Pasteur (1650-1718), famous Dutch partisan

Jakob Pasteur, famous Dutch partisan, born around 1650 near Uccle, was apparently the son of a forester in the Seuniënbosch. During the war between France and Austria, the latter ruled over the Southern Netherlands and laid waste to the country. Jakob Pasteur headed a band of foresters and volunteers who fought the French and caused them great losses. Continue reading “Jakob Pasteur (1650-1718), famous Dutch partisan”

Pasteur’s original family branches

France (Franche-Comté): Descendants of:

  • Pasteur Claude Mathieu, from Salins (39)
  • Pasteur Claude Simon, from Sirod (39)
  • Etienne Pasteur, of Mouthe (25) (ancestor of Louis Pasteur)
  • Pasteur Jacques, from Plénise (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Arsure (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Mouthe (25), then Doye (39)
  • Pasteur Pierre x Guye Clauda
  • Pasteur Pierre, from Mouthe (25)
  • Pasteur Pierre alias Pierrillion x Bésuchet Denise, from Reculfoz (25)
  • Pasteur Simon, from Nans (39)

Continue reading “Pasteur’s original family branches”