Memorandum of agreement


The subscribers by signing this memorandum of agreement agree to form an association to be known as the “Association des familles Pasteur” under the terms of the [French] law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901 and to become its first members.


The objects of this association are:

  • to establish contact between and unite in an association any person bearing the patronymic Pasteur or who is related to a Pasteur family in the world or who is interested in such a family;
  • to further by any appropriate means, the promotion, development and dis-semination of the history, the genealogy or any other matter concerning the Pasteur families throughout the world;
  • to encourage any person disposing of genealogical data on a Pasteur family to enter it into a common genealogical data base and to communicate to the association any documents, photos or archive documents which may help to a better knowledge of the history, past or present, of the Pasteur families in the world;
  • in pursuit of the above-mentioned aims, to organise or give lectures, to hold meetings or exhibitions; to edit and distribute any publications, including electronic publications; to participate in symposia or congresses;
  • to solicit for this purpose and to receive from any government, institution, physical or moral person, private or public funding.


The head office shall be located at: La Courcelle, 87290 Rancon, France. It may be transferred on a simple decision of the Committee which will require subsequent ratification by the general assembly.


The association is composed of

a) founder members
b) benefactor members
c) active members
d) honorary members

Founder members are those present or represented at the constituent general assembly.

Benefactor members are those persons who pay a single entrance subscrip-tion of 100 euros (or more); they are exempt from paying an annual subscription.

Active members are those who pay an annual subscription of 10 euros.

Honorary members are those personalities who have rendered outstanding service to the Association or to its objects. Their appointment is proposed by the Committee and must be approved unanimously by the General Assembly. They are exempted from paying a subscription .


Membership shall be temporarily granted by the Committee and ratified by the general assembly. The Committee is not obliged to communicate the motives for any refusal of membership.


A member shall cease to be a member:

1) if he gives the secretary written notice of resignation of membership;
2) on his decease;
3) if he fails to pay his subscription or has committed some act inconsistent with membership. The member concerned shall be invited by registered letter to offer an explanation to the Committee before withdrawal of membership.


The association’s resources include:

1) entrance fees and subscriptions;
2) income from sales of services and publications;
3) private or public funding.

The general assembly shall decide the annual subscription.

Only the association’s assets may be seized to meet the association’s debts. Neither the members of the association nor the Committee members may be held liable financially in any way.


The association is directed by a Committee of 3 members, elected for 3 years by the general assembly. Its members are eligible for re-election.

The Committee is composed of:

a) a chairman;
b) a vice-chairman:
c) a secretary.

Any casual vacancy on the Committee may be filled temporarily by the Committee: a definitive replacement must be ratified by the general assembly. The powers of any member so elected come to an end at the time that the term of office of the member being replaced would have expired.

The General Assembly may appoint an honorary member to the office of honorary president by a unanimous vote. An honorary president may renounce this title by simply stating his wish to do so. The General Assembly may with-draw this distinction by a simple majority vote. The office of honorary president is purely representative and does not permit its holder to perform any of the Committee’s duties.


The Committee shall meet when necessary on the convocation of the chairman or vice-chairman or at the request of one of its members.


The ordinary general assembly is composed of all the members of the association whatever their status. The ordinary general assembly shall meet once a year.

Not less than two weeks before the date fixed, the members of the association shall be convened by the secretary. The agenda shall be indicated on the convocation.

The chairman, assisted by the members of the Committee, shall chair the assembly and report on the moral and financial state of the association.

Only items on the agenda shall be discussed at the general assembly.


If the need should arise, or on the request of half plus one of the registered members, the chairman may convene an extraordinary general assembly, respecting the formalities laid down in article 10.


Should at least two thirds of the members present at the general assembly decide to dissolve the association, it shall appoint one or several receivers and assets, if any, shall be distributed according to article 9 of the [French] law of 1 July 1901 and decree of 16 August 1901.

Memorandum adopted on 23 April 2000, modified on 2 June 2001.

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