Huguenot Emigration to Virginia

Documents, Chiefly Unpublished, relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia and to the Settlement at Manakin-Town

Edited and compiled for the Virginia Historical Society by R.A. Brock
Originally published: Richmond, Virginia, 1886.

Table of contents

  • Proposalls Humbly Submitted [by W. Byrd] to the Lords of ye Councill of Trade and Plantations for Sending ye French Protestants to Virginia
  • Records Relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia. Contributions in aid of the Refugees
  • List of all ye Passengers from London to James River in Virginia, being Ffrench Refugees imbarqued in the Ship, ye Peter and Anthony, Galley of London, Daniel Perreau, Commander
  • An Acc’t of what Money Rec’d for ye Transport and Supplies of the Ffrench Refugees
  • An Acc’t of ye Money lay’d out for the Transport and Supplies of ye French Refugees
  • Liste des Personnes du Second Convoy qui serent toute l’année a Manicanton
  • A List of the Refugees who are to receive of ye Miller of Falling Creek Mill, one bushel a bead of Indian Meale Monthly, as settled at or about King William’s Town to begin in Ffeb
  • Rolle des Francois, Suisses, Genevois, Alemans, et Flamans, embarques dam le navire nemmé le Nasseau pour aller a la Virginie
  • Memorandum, Cash paid by Severall for ye use of ye Ffrench Refugees
  • December 27.-Proceedings of the Virginia Council
  • May 10.-The State of the Ffrench Refugees-Report of W. Byrd
  • A List of ye French Refugees that are settled att ye Mannachin Town. In ye first ship
  • The names of such as came in the second ship
  • Those that came in the third ship settled between the creeks
  • Those that came in the fourth ship and are settled between the creeks
  • Those that came in the second and fourth ships and are seated below the creek
  • In the Fourth ship
  • Below the Creek
  • A collection of all matters relating to the French Protestant Refugees
  • October 25.-Proceedings of the Council
  • November 14-Proceedings of the Council
  • December 9.-Agreement with Dr. Daniel Coxe
  • An abstract of “The Coppy of Dr. Coxe’s Title he claimes in Norffolk county”
  • Petition of the Refugees to Governor Nicholson
  • December 5.-Act of the Virginia Assembly creating King William Parish, and exempting the settlers from tax for seven years
  • December 23.-Petition of the Settlers for Relief
  • Subscriptions for them
  • February.-Letter announcing the death of Tertullian Sehult, etc
  • April 24.-Naturalization of French Refugees
  • August 14.-Petition of Daniel Bloüet
  • September 2.-Answer of Abraham Salle to the petition of Rev. Claude Phillippe De Richebourg in regard to Parish disputes
  • November 10.-Proceedings of the Council regarding distribution of land among the settlers
  • Liste Generalle de tons les Francois Protestants Refugies, establys dans la paroisse du Roy Guillaume, Comté d’Henrico en Virginia, y Compris les Femmes, Enfans, Veuses, et Orphelins
  • March 25.-Register of Baptisms at Manikin-Town
  • July 4.-Letter to Rev. Mr. Nearne
  • June.-A list of King William Parish

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