The Pasteur diaspora

Where do the Pasteurs come from? What are the original family branches? What is the origin of the Pasteur family name? How many Pasteur are there today? Where do they live? Find out the origins of the Pasteurs in France, Switzerland, England, Holland, Italy, Canada and the United Sates of America.
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Going West

Who were the Pasteurs who left for the New World as early as the end of the 17th century ? Where do they come from ? How many Pasteurs live in North America today ?
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A dynasty of executioners

From the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 19th century, 7 generations of Pasteur served as public executioners in Switzerland.
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Famous ancestors

«Science transcends frontiers » said Louis Pasteur. Discover the life and work as well as the genealogy of the most famous Pasteur. [Read more]

Paul Emile Pasteur

Artisan missionary in Gabon with Albert Schweitzer and in New-Caledonia with Maurice Leenhardt. [Read more]

Are-you related to the Pasteurs?

Trace your roots in the ever growing online genealogical database on the Pasteurs.
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The Association of Pasteur families

An association to establish contact between any person bearing the patronymic Pasteur or who is related to a Pasteur family in the world or who is interested in such a family.
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