Objectives of the Association of Pasteur families

The Association of Pasteur families was created with the aim to bring together all those who bear the Pasteur patronymic so as to encourage the promotion, development and popularisation of the history and the genealogy of the Pasteur families throughout the world.

  • To establish contact between and unite in an association any person bearing the patronymic Pasteur or who is related to a Pasteur family in the world or who is interested in such a family;
  • To further the promotion, development and dissemination of the history, the genealogy or any other matter concerning the Pasteur families throughout the world;
  • To encourage any person disposing of genealogical data on a Pasteur family to enter it into a common genealogical data base and to communicate to the association any documents, photos or archive documents which may help to a better knowledge of the history, past or present, of the Pasteur families in the world;
  • To organise or give lectures, to hold meetings or exhibitions; to edit and distribute all publications, including electronic publications; to participate in symposia or congresses.

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