Notes written by Christopher Neale Pasteur (1824-1908) – II

[…] William had two sons Doct. Ed. Pasteur [1] and Abner Pasteur. The unknown brother [2] had two sons Jno. S. Pasteur and Tom Ashe Pasteur [3] and represented New Bern at a convention convened at Halifax N.C., 1776, the first decision on action for liberty in the U.S. The first engagement of the Revolution was fought above New Bern in 1771 – Gov. Tryon fighting the Regulators who were encamped above New Bern where Capt. Neale was killed, being one of twenty who were also killed in the engagement. (These Regulators were for the Loyalist Govr. Tryon).

1798 – Philip Neale represented Craven Co. in Legislature of N.C. 1818 – Abner Neale represented Craven Co. in legislature. 1833 – Abner Neale was not in legislature of N.C. when Thos Pasteur was there.

Richard was named after Richard Mason an Episcopal minister who was preaching New Bern 1824 but after moved to Raleigh N.C. RcM Mason has a son preaching in Sheperds-town, Va.

Thos Neale Esq. came to Va 16??. In 1660 he was granted letters patent from the House of Burgesses of Va. to carry pacquets and letters throughout the state (Va.) at a Stated rate. Christopher Neale was one of the original Rebels of N.C. during Gov. Tryon reign.

Note from the Editor:
[1] Dr. Edward Pasteur is a cousin of a parent of Abner Pasteur (tree)
[2] Thomas, son of James Pasteur and Honour Cutchins
[3] See Craven County Apprentice Bonds, 1748-1835

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