New Bern Pasteur Baptisms (1822-1839)

On Enquiry, it appears that the Parish registers, preceeding the year 1818, were consumed in the fire of the L. Benner’s house; who was a Vestryman, & with whom along with some other Church papers, they had been deposited.

Baptisms in 1822
  • January 12th. At the house of Abner Pasteur, Charles Pasteur, son of Abner & Jane Pasteur, born June 4th, 1819, sponsors father & mother.
  • March 21st. Wm. Pasteur, born April 1st, 1814, Betsy Pasteur, born Feb. 19th, 1816, Blurette Pasteur, born October 20th, 1821, children of Abner & Jane Pasteur, sponsors father & mother.
Baptisms in 1826
  • July 23rd. Christopher Neale Pasteur, son of Abner & Jennette Pasteur, born __ , baptised in sickness.
Baptisms in 1827
  • May 6th. Richard Mason Pasteur, son of Abner & Jeannette Pasteur, born __.
  • Dec. 27th. Mary Ann Pasteur, adult.
Baptisms in 1829
  • May 13th, 1829. James Madison Pasteur, born July 21st, 1828, infant son of Edward & Sarah Pasteur, sponsors.
  • October 25th, 1829. Adult baptism. Caroline Bryan, wife of Thomas Pasteur. Mary Ann Wilson, witness.
  • October 25th, 1829. Edward Crawford, born December 10th, 1824, & Mary Ann, born Septr. 24th, 1827, children of Thomas Pasteur & Caroline B., the mother sponsor.
Baptisms in 1831
  • March 25th, 1831. Susan Ann, born September 21st, 1830, Edward G. Pasteur & Sarah A., parents, sponsors.
Baptisms in 1833
  • August 11th, 1833. Charles Spaight, born Septr. 24th, 1831, Thomas & Caroline B. Pasteur, parents & sponsors.
Baptisms in 1837
  • Same day. Thomas Pasteur, born 28th Sept., 1836, parents & sponsors, T. I. & C. B. Pasteur.
  • Same day. Thomas Pasteur Bonner, born Febry. 26th, 1837, parents & sponsors, Joseph & Sarah Ann Bonner.
Baptisms in 1839
  • June. Ferabee Pasteur, col’d child.

Source: Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC Register of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages, Commenced by Rev’d Rich’d S Mason

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