New Bern District Court Records

The District Court was the precursor to District Superior Courts. The New Bern District covered Carteret, Craven, Beaufort, Hyde, Pitt, Dobbs, Jones, and Duplin. When Dobbs county was split and then abolished, the new counties were also in the New Bern District.

Folder: 1780 Information: Complaint by Edward PASTEUR who acts for his brother that a mare in the legal possession of the Continental Army was stolen and that he has since seen it in the possession of Edward B. HODGES who refuses to deliver it. Order to arrest HODGES Date: 16 Aug 1780 (date of order) County: Craven

Folder: 1780 Information: Appearance bond for Edward B. HODGES (£500) with bondsmen William ORME, Thomas PARSONS (£250 each) for HODGES to appear and answer a charge of taking into his possession and refusing to deliver up a mare impresssed into the Continental Army. Witnesses: William SMYTH Gailer and Edward PASTEUR Date: 21 May 1780 (date of bond) County: Not given. Names indicate Craven

Folder: 1780 Information: Deposition of Robert PEEPLES that he was at the house of Mr. Oliver in town [New Bern-sbg] where some people were playing whist. Mr. Oroondates DAVIS won something of Nathan SMITH, who paid him. Very shortly after, DAVIS pulled out a [$100] bill and presented it to SMITH and said that it was bad [counterfeit], and that it was the bill that SMITH had used to pay DAVIS. SMITH examined it and at first doubted it was bad, but then agreed to take the bill back. The next day, PEEPLES, having also won money of SMITH, went to him the next morning to collect, and as SMITH was paying him, he pulled out the bad bill, and said it was the one that DAVIS had returned the previous night. PEEPLES looked at the bill, and agreed that it was very bad. Later (2-3 days), PEEPLES was at Doctor PASTEUR’s shop, and saw the same bill there. SMITH was sent for, and denied knowing where the bill was. SMITH and PASTEUR had a dispute about the bill, and PEEPLES told SMITH he should drop the dispute and pay good money for the bill, which he did. Date: 5 Feb 1780 County: Craven

Folder: 1780 Information: Oath of Oroondates DAVIS that he was playing whist at the home of Mr. OLIVER, and that Nathan SMITH was there (DAVIS had not known SMITH previously), and that he made a bet with SMITH, which he won. SMITH paid him with a $100 bill, which upon examination proved to be counterfeit. He showed it to SMITH, who doubted it was counterfeit, and DAVIS pointed out several flaws in the bill. Some of the others there also agreed it was counterfeit. DAVIS offered to swear before a magistrate that it was a bad bill, and SMITH took it back. DAVIS told him to return it to the man he got it from, and not try to pass it again. 2-3 days later, DAVIS was in the shop of Mr. William PASTEUR, and PASTEUR showed him a $100 bill that SMITH had paid to PASTEUR’s brother Neddy, and DAVIS was positive in his opinion that it was the same bill. Date: 5 Feb 1780 County: Craven

Source: New Bern District Court Records Part 6. New Bern District Court Records. DSCR 206.326.1.

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