Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families (V) – Cincinnati

Henry William de Saussure is listed in Metcalf’s Original members and other officers eligible to the Society of the Cincinnati, 1783-1938 (Strasburg, Va., Shenandoah Pub. House, 1938) “1807-through Louis de Saussure, mortally wounded Oct. 9, 1779.” The very large de Saussure family tree shows that Louis was the uncle of Henry William. He was killed at the siege of Savannah, being an officer in the Continental Army. A tablet to him is in St. Michael’s Church, Charleston. Metcalf does not mention Thomas [Pasteur], I believe, but he was a brother of Louis and was killed near Norfolk, Va., just before the surrender of Cornwallis, according to the family tree. In 1926 Lt. Edward de Saussure joined the society. I have no recent list of members.

We believe that William, Thomas, and John Pasteur were brothers. Herbert Neale Pasteur, who joined on the line of John, died in the 1970’s and I do not know who now owns the membership. He had no sons. The Dearings have held membership on the line of Thomas, an original member, on Gen. Washington’s staff. He had no sons and his membership went to descendants of his daughter who married a Dearing (William). As far as I know, the present member on that line is Lt. Col. Albin Pasteur Dearing (1918, Karen Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 33304.)

Goodwyn Holmes (237 N. Canterbury Rd., Charlotte, N.C., 28211) holds the Pasteur membership that did belong to the Rev. Wilmot S. Holmes, using the record of William Pasteur, surgeon and paymaster in the Continental Army. See Heitman’s Historical Register of Officers (1914 edition) and the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1932 records).

Source: Abstracts from Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families, chiefly of North & South Carolina. Research and Compilation by Caroline Pasteur Holmes Bivins. 1982


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