The British branch of the Pasteurs

The 135 descendants of Marc Henri Pasteur have been added to the Pasteurs’ Genealogical data base. The British branch of the Pasteurs began with Marc Henri Pasteur, who was born and raised in Geneva and went to London in 1846 where he worked for his uncle Adolphe Pasteur (see details here). Continue reading “The British branch of the Pasteurs”

Jean Pasteur, huguenot settler in Virginia

Jean (John) Pasteur, […] with Charles Pasteur and “sa femme” came to Virginia at the time of the Huguenot emigration in 1700 […]. Pasteur’s name was included in a list of migrants who came in the fourth ship. He died in Williamsburg in 1741 leaving a will. Continue reading “Jean Pasteur, huguenot settler in Virginia”

Pasteur’s original family branches

France (Franche-Comté): Descendants of:

  • Pasteur Claude Mathieu, from Salins (39)
  • Pasteur Claude Simon, from Sirod (39)
  • Etienne Pasteur, of Mouthe (25) (ancestor of Louis Pasteur)
  • Pasteur Jacques, from Plénise (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Arsure (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Mouthe (25), then Doye (39)
  • Pasteur Pierre x Guye Clauda
  • Pasteur Pierre, from Mouthe (25)
  • Pasteur Pierre alias Pierrillion x Bésuchet Denise, from Reculfoz (25)
  • Pasteur Simon, from Nans (39)

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The Pasteurs in England

There are two known Pasteur branches in England. One is that of John Lewis Pasteur, whose origin is yet unknown and whose male line died in 1819 or 1822. The other one is that of Marc Henry Pasteur, who came from Geneva to England in 1846 and whose descendants are living today near Birmingham. Continue reading “The Pasteurs in England”