The British branch of the Pasteurs

The 135 descendants of Marc Henri Pasteur have been added to the Pasteurs’ Genealogical data base. The British branch of the Pasteurs began with Marc Henri Pasteur, who was born and raised in Geneva and went to London in 1846 where he worked for his uncle Adolphe Pasteur (see details here).

Thanks to David Pasteur and James Aldous, the British branch is now complete.

Aside from the Pasteurs, this branch includes other families such as: Alderson, Aldous, Ayo, Bateman-Champain, Brown, Choate, Davis, Galante, Gill, Higgins, Hoyle, Lillingston, Marangoni, Morse, Norledge, Norton, Pattrick, Riviere, Shearme, Turner, Twigg, Wickham, Wiltshire.

Note: There is another British branch of the Pasteurs, whose origins are unknown (see The Pasteurs in England).

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