Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families (III) – Portraits

Though I know of only one Pasteur portrait I feel sure there must be others. Edward Pasteur. who died in 1823, willed to his daughter, Sarah Pasteur Ridgely, a miniature of himself. I wrote to Hampton, the ancestral Maryland home of the Ridgely family, now a National Historic Site, and also looked at miniatures at the National Portrait Gallery but have found no trace. I have learned very recently that there is a miniature, around the late 1700’s, in the possession of Frank Thomas, a Pasteur descendant, of Norfolk, Va. I hope to see it but doubt that identification will be possible. (I do not think it is an old miniature after seeing it in 1981.)

Source: Abstracts from Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families, chiefly of North & South Carolina. Research and Compilation by Caroline Pasteur Holmes Bivins. 1982

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