Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families (II) – Homes

I have wondered about Pasteur homes in New Bern, N.C. Surely Edward, who was prominent and wealthy, must have had a home similar to the beautiful ones there now, but I have no information. I have a copy of a plat of a tract he owned near New Bern and the note that he also owned another, amounting together to 1,605 acres. His will mentions a house and lot on Pollock Street in New Bern and he repeats the gift of it to his daughter, Elizabeth B. Pasteur.

On Pollock St. today is a beautiful house marked on the map as “Bryan-Ashford House – 1802.” When there I wanted to go in and ask if the Bryans were of the same family as our ancestors. The front doorknob looked like sterling silver.

There is an advertisement in the Dec. 26, 1795 issue of the “North Carolina Gazette”, published at New Bern, of a plantation, “Deep Gully”, within 8 miles of New Bern, lately the property of Andrew Blanchard. Nearly 450 acres of land and several small buildings are offered for sale. Annie Caroline Norman thinks it had already passed to his son, Isaac, and that Andrew died c. 1787, John Blanchard bought a house in Elizabeth, N.J., May 17, 1703, according to notes in Hatfield’s History of Elyzabeth, N.J. (New York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1868).

Source: Abstracts from Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families, chiefly of North & South Carolina. Research and Compilation by Caroline Pasteur Holmes Bivins. 1982


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