The Pasteurs in France in 2004

The Pasteurs in France : 1256 persons

According to the INSEE, 1,256 persons carry the name Pasteur as of 01/01/2004.

The name Pasteur is the 6,229th most popular name in France.

The departments in which the Pasteurs are best represented are:

  • Côte-d’Or (21) : 151st most popular name
  • Eure-et-Loire (28) : 356th most popular name
  • Ardèche (07) : 399th most popular name
  • Doubs (25) : 847th most popular name
  • Gard (30) : 1136th most popular name
The map of the Pasteurs in France

Ranking :

Name between 1st and 50th place
Name between 51th and 100th place
Name between 101th and 200th place
Name between 201th and 500th place

Source : INSEE

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