The Pasteurs in USA – Call for papers

A new topic on the Pasteurs in North America has been set up. Articles published under this topic will include all aspects of the Pasteur families in the United States, from the arrival of Jean and Charles Pasteur in Virginia in 1700 to the present. Going through the mass of information and compiling it is quite challenging. Several people in the United States have already made a tremendous work in tracing the Pasteur branches in North & South Carolina, Florida and Virginia, trying to establish a link between them. Many messages have already been exchanged on the Pasteur Message Board and written documents are waiting to be scanned and made available on the Web.

Most of the information available are scattered and fragmented and quite a few of them contradict each other. There is a need to gather all these pieces of information and present them in a structured way. If you are interested in sharing the information you have on the Pasteurs in the United Sates, feel free to submit articles on this site.

In the next few months, more documents will be scanned and added to this site. This includes:

  • Family Notes of Holmes, Pasteur and Allied families, chiefly of North & South Carolina. Research and Compilation by Caroline Pasteur Holmes Bivins. 1982.
  • Letter to Sidney Pasteur. Christopher Neale Pasteur, Sr. in New Orleans, Oct. 3, 1891
  • Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Pasteur. Annie B. Norman in Ocala, Florida, Feb. 13, 1958
  • Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Pasteur. Annie B. Norman in Ocala, Florida, Apr. 11, 1958
  • Descendants of Edward Pasteur of Craven County, North Carolina. Compiled by Annie B. Norman, Ocala, Florida, Apr. 1, 1958
  • Miscellaneous documents on Abner, Edward and Thomas Pasteur
  • Wills of Charles and James Pasteur of Halifax Co., N.C.
  • Obituaries of Christopher Neale Pasteur and his wife
  • Notes on Blovet (Blouet) Pasteur and Jean (John) Pasteur. Valentine Papers, Vols II & IV: Pasteur family.


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