Jan David Pasteur (1753-1804), Dutch naturalist

Jan David Pasteur, born 23 May 1753 in Leyden, died 9 January 1804, held important positions of state after the revolution of 1795. This did not stop him from becoming one of the country’s most prolific writers. He also translated more than 80 works, Cook’s travels, among them. Continue reading “Jan David Pasteur (1753-1804), Dutch naturalist”

Jakob Pasteur (1650-1718), famous Dutch partisan

Jakob Pasteur, famous Dutch partisan, born around 1650 near Uccle, was apparently the son of a forester in the Seuniënbosch. During the war between France and Austria, the latter ruled over the Southern Netherlands and laid waste to the country. Jakob Pasteur headed a band of foresters and volunteers who fought the French and caused them great losses. Continue reading “Jakob Pasteur (1650-1718), famous Dutch partisan”

John Lewis Pasteur (1754-1782)

John Lewis Pasteur (II) was the second JLP in the family tree and the only one I know anything about. He lived in Melbourne and was described as a hosier (1). He died quite young at the age of 28 in 1782. Continue reading “John Lewis Pasteur (1754-1782)”