How many Pasteurs were born over the last century?

The PASTEUR in France are ranked 3394th with 1415 births during the last century. Here is the detailed ranking by department and district :

Period Departments were the surname Pasteur appears most frequently  Districts with the biggest implantation 
1966 – 1990 Doubs, Jura, Loir et Cher Besançon, Champagnole, Blois
1941 – 1965 Doubs, Jura, Loir et Cher Pontarlier, Lons le Saunier, Blois
1916 – 1940 Doubs, Jura, Paris Chaffois, Morez, Paris 14e
1891 – 1915 Jura, Doubs, Paris Marre, Chaffois, Paris 20e

Source: INSEE


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