Craven County, NC – Christ Church Parish Records (1818-1848)

These records were transcribed by Miss Gertrude Sprague Carraway of New Bern, NC for the Richard Dobbs Spaight Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A number of Pasteurs from Craven County are mentioned in these records. Continue reading “Craven County, NC – Christ Church Parish Records (1818-1848)”

Pasteur’s original family branches

France (Franche-Comté): Descendants of:

  • Pasteur Claude Mathieu, from Salins (39)
  • Pasteur Claude Simon, from Sirod (39)
  • Etienne Pasteur, of Mouthe (25) (ancestor of Louis Pasteur)
  • Pasteur Jacques, from Plénise (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Arsure (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Mouthe (25), then Doye (39)
  • Pasteur Pierre x Guye Clauda
  • Pasteur Pierre, from Mouthe (25)
  • Pasteur Pierre alias Pierrillion x Bésuchet Denise, from Reculfoz (25)
  • Pasteur Simon, from Nans (39)

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The Pasteurs in USA – Call for papers

A new topic on the Pasteurs in North America has been set up. Articles published under this topic will include all aspects of the Pasteur families in the United States, from the arrival of Jean and Charles Pasteur in Virginia in 1700 to the present. Continue reading “The Pasteurs in USA – Call for papers”