John Lewis Pasteur (1754-1782)

John Lewis Pasteur (II) was the second JLP in the family tree and the only one I know anything about. He lived in Melbourne and was described as a hosier (1). He died quite young at the age of 28 in 1782. Continue reading “John Lewis Pasteur (1754-1782)”

John Lewis Pasteur (?-1793)

John Lewis Pasteur (I) was a tutor and companion to George Lewis Coke of Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire. George Lewis Coke’s sister, Charlotte married Matthew Lamb the grandparents of William, Lord Melbourne, the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1830’s. By this time, the Pasteurs had disappeared from Melbourne. Continue reading “John Lewis Pasteur (?-1793)”

Pasteur’s original family branches

France (Franche-Comté): Descendants of:

  • Pasteur Claude Mathieu, from Salins (39)
  • Pasteur Claude Simon, from Sirod (39)
  • Etienne Pasteur, of Mouthe (25) (ancestor of Louis Pasteur)
  • Pasteur Jacques, from Plénise (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Arsure (39)
  • Pasteur Mathieu, from Mouthe (25), then Doye (39)
  • Pasteur Pierre x Guye Clauda
  • Pasteur Pierre, from Mouthe (25)
  • Pasteur Pierre alias Pierrillion x Bésuchet Denise, from Reculfoz (25)
  • Pasteur Simon, from Nans (39)

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The Pasteurs in England

There are two known Pasteur branches in England. One is that of John Lewis Pasteur, whose origin is yet unknown and whose male line died in 1819 or 1822. The other one is that of Marc Henry Pasteur, who came from Geneva to England in 1846 and whose descendants are living today near Birmingham. Continue reading “The Pasteurs in England”

The Swiss origins of the British branch of the Pasteurs

The eight Swiss (*) who form the fifth generation are as mixed a bag in origin as their eight English and Scottish companions. From the family historian’s point of view, however, there is one great difference. In continental countries title and nobility descended to all the male offspring of a family, whereas in England rank and property were only inherited by the eldest sons. Continue reading “The Swiss origins of the British branch of the Pasteurs”