The Halifax gibbet

The ‘privilege’ (right) of a gibbet is believed to have been vested in Halifax around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066, although the earliest reference to it dates from 1280. At that time, there were said to be one hundred other places in Yorkshire that similarly enjoyed this distinctive honour. Continue reading “The Halifax gibbet”

Blouet Pasteur, son of the huguenot settler Jean Pasteur

Blouet Pasteur was the son of Jean Pasteur and Mary Blouet. His father came […] to Virginia with the Huguenots in 1700 and settled first at Manakin, then came to Williamsburg, where, it is assumed, his son Blouet was born. Blouet was the eighth child. Continue reading “Blouet Pasteur, son of the huguenot settler Jean Pasteur”

Jean Pasteur, huguenot settler in Virginia

Jean (John) Pasteur, […] with Charles Pasteur and “sa femme” came to Virginia at the time of the Huguenot emigration in 1700 […]. Pasteur’s name was included in a list of migrants who came in the fourth ship. He died in Williamsburg in 1741 leaving a will. Continue reading “Jean Pasteur, huguenot settler in Virginia”